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EMWorks, The Ultimate Guide to Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Welcome to EMWorks, your trusted partner in electromagnetic simulation software solutions. With a deep commitment to precision, innovation, and sustainability, EMWorks empowers engineers, researchers, and educators worldwide to turn their ideas into reality.

Who We Are

At EMWorks, we are passionate about the limitless possibilities of electromagnetic fields. We are a leading provider of advanced electromagnetic simulation software designed to meet the evolving needs of electrical and electronics design. Our comprehensive suite of products, including EMS, HFWorks, MotorWizard, and EMWorks2D , are fully embedded within CAD software, offering a unified and intuitive environment for simulations. You can also benefit from our Multiphysics capabilities, which include integrated thermal, structural, and motion analyses.

History of EMWorks

Founded in 2000 by Ahmed Khebir and Ammar Kouki, both of whom earned PhDs in Computational Electromagnetics from the prestigious University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, EMWorks has evolved from its humble beginnings into a significant player in the field of electromagnetic simulation.

Over the years, EMWorks has expanded both technologically and in the breadth of its offerings. The timeline below illustrates the key milestones in our growth and the diversification of our product portfolio:

Why Choose EMWorks for Your Electromagnetic Simulation Needs

If you are looking for reliable and powerful electromagnetic simulation software, you might be wondering what sets EMWorks apart from other options in the market. Here are some of the reasons why EMWorks is the best choice for your simulation needs:
  • Unparalleled Precision

    We understand the importance of precision in electromagnetic simulation. Our tools are meticulously developed to provide engineers with the accuracy they need to design and optimize their systems effectively. You can trust our software to deliver accurate and reliable results for your projects.
  • Versatility

    From antennas and transformers to RF components and biomedical applications, our software adapts to diverse project needs, providing confidence in tackling various challenges. You can use our software to simulate a wide range of electromagnetic phenomena and applications, such as electromechanical devices, power electronics, sensors, electric vehicles, and more.
  • User-Friendly Experience

    We prioritize user-friendliness and accessibility, making our software suitable for both beginners and experienced users. You can easily create and edit your models, run simulations, and analyze results within your familiar CAD environment. You can also access our extensive documentation, tutorials, and examples to help you get started and learn more about our software features.
  • Seamless Integration

    Our software solutions are fully embedded within CAD software, offering a unified and intuitive environment for simulations, reducing complexities, and enhancing productivity. You can leverage the power of your CAD software to create and modify your models and use our software to run simulations and optimize your designs. You can also export and import your models and results to other formats and platforms as needed.
  • Multiphysics Capabilities

    Beyond electromagnetic simulations, our products include integrated thermal, structural, and motion analyses, allowing you to explore the interconnected nature of various physical phenomena. You can simulate the effects of temperature, stress, and motion on your electromagnetic systems, and vice versa.
  • Global Reach

    With a global presence, EMWorks serves professionals, researchers, and educators across industries and academia, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. You can join our network of customers and partners from around the world, and benefit from our expertise and support. You can also participate in our events, webinars, and training sessions to learn more about our software and the latest trends in electromagnetic simulation.
  • Continuous Innovation

    Our team of experts keeps our software up to date with the latest technology, ensuring access to cutting-edge tools and capabilities. We are constantly improving and expanding our software features, adding new functionalities and enhancements to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We are also committed to research and development, collaborating with leading institutions and organizations to advance the field of electromagnetic simulation.
  • Community and Support

    EMWorks offers robust customer support and resources, creating a supportive community for your simulation journey. You can contact our technical support team anytime and get prompt and personalized assistance for your queries and issues. You can also access our online forum, blog, and social media channels, where you can interact with other users, share your feedback, and get tips and tricks from our experts.
  • Sustainability

    We recognize the importance of sustainable practices. Our software contributes to optimizing energy systems and advancing eco-friendly solutions. You can use our software to design and improve your energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products, such as renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and smart grids.

How EMWorks Can Help You with Various Applications

EMWorks offers versatile software solutions that cover a wide spectrum of applications, enabling you to design and optimize your electromagnetic systems with ease and accuracy. Here are some of the applications that you can use our software for:

Actuators, Solenoids, and Electromechanical Systems

You can design and optimize electromechanical devices, such as relays, valves, switches, and motors, with our software. You can simulate the magnetic forces, torques, displacements, and currents of your devices, and optimize their performance and efficiency.

Magnets and Magnet Arrays

You can uncover the potential of magnets and magnet arrays, and use them to advance technologies in various fields, such as medical, aerospace, and industrial. You can simulate the magnetic fields, flux densities, and forces of your magnets, and optimize their shapes, sizes, and arrangements.

Transformers and Power Engineering

You can dive into power electronics and transformer design and optimize energy systems for a sustainable future. You can simulate the electrical parameters, losses, and thermal effects of your transformers, and optimize their winding configurations, core materials, and cooling systems.

Electrical Machines and Drives

You can harness the power of efficient electrical machines and drives and enhance their performance and reliability. You can simulate the electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical aspects of your machines, such as induction motors, synchronous generators, and permanent magnet motors, and optimize their dimensions, materials, and control strategies.

Antennas and Radomes

You can explore the world of antenna design and electromagnetic simulations and achieve precision and efficiency. You can simulate the radiation patterns, gains, impedances, and efficiencies of your antennas, such as microstrip, horn, and reflector antennas, and optimize their shapes, sizes, and locations. You can also simulate the effects of radomes on your antennas, and optimize their materials, thicknesses, and shapes.

RF and Microwave Components

You can achieve excellence in RF and microwave design and ensure seamless connectivity and communication. You can simulate the electromagnetic behavior, scattering parameters, and losses of your RF and microwave components, such as filters, couplers, and waveguides, and optimize their geometries, materials, and frequencies.

Electronic Design Automation

You can simplify electronic design processes and streamline your workflows. You can simulate the electromagnetic compatibility, interference, and signal integrity of your electronic circuits and systems, and optimize their layouts, components, and shielding.

Sensors and NDT/NDE

You can ensure the reliability of sensors and non-destructive testing and evaluation processes. You can simulate the electromagnetic fields, currents, and voltages of your sensors, such as magnetic, eddy current, and capacitive sensors, and optimize their sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution. You can also simulate the electromagnetic inspection and characterization of your materials and structures, and optimize their quality, safety, and durability.

Biomedical and EM Exposure

You can explore biomedical applications and electromagnetic exposure studies and contribute to advancements in healthcare. You can simulate the electromagnetic fields, currents, and temperatures of your biomedical devices, such as pacemakers, MRI scanners, and nerve stimulators, and optimize their functionality, safety, and comfort. You can also simulate the electromagnetic exposure and dosimetry of human tissues and organs and optimize their health and well-being.

Electric Vehicles and Batteries

You can shape the future of transportation and energy storage with our advanced simulation software. You can simulate the electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical aspects of your electric vehicles and batteries, such as electric motors, inverters, and battery packs, and optimize their performance, efficiency, and lifespan.

Multiphysics Applications

Our products come equipped with integrated thermal, structural, and motion analyses, making Multiphysics simulations accessible and efficient. You can simulate the coupled effects of various physical phenomena on your electromagnetic systems, and optimize their behavior, response, and stability.

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