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Are you interested in learning and researching electromagnetics, electromechanical, and electronics? If so, you should check out EMWorks, the leading provider of electromagnetic simulation software for students, teachers, and researchers worldwide. EMWorks is committed to supporting education and research in these fields and offers free software licenses for academic and noncommercial purposes. With EMWorks, you can:

  • Access 3D and 2D electromagnetic simulation software fully embedded in CAD software.
  • Choose from a range of products that cover various applications and phenomena, such as EMS, HFWorks, MotorWizard, and EMWorks2D.
  • Learn the fundamentals and applications of electromagnetics in various domains, such as electromechanical, power, RF, microwave, high-frequency, and more.
  • Design and optimize your own electromagnetic systems, such as motors, generators, transformers, antennas, waveguides, sensors, and more.
  • Perform Multiphysics simulations that couple electromagnetic, thermal, structural, and motion phenomena.
  • Access a wealth of resources, such as tutorials, webinars, case studies, and technical support.

EMWorks Academic is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of electromagnetics education and research. Whether you're a student, professor, department head, or researcher, our comprehensive suite of simulation tools, collaborative networks, and global research opportunities are designed to elevate your academic pursuits and drive innovation in the field. Join us in shaping the future of electromagnetics today.

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Emworks Academic

Unlock Electromagnetic Mastery with EMWorks

Are you grappling with the complexities of electromagnetics, struggling to grasp its intricacies? If you find yourself overwhelmed by the vastness of this field, you're not alone. EMWorks is your trusted partner in mastering electromagnetics effortlessly. With our cutting-edge simulations and solutions, we empower you to:

Visualize Electromagnetics: a deep understanding of electromagnetics through our state-of-the-art 3D and 2D simulation software, seamlessly integrated with your CAD tools.
Elevate Your Academic Performance: your grades and excel in your studies with our range of software products, covering diverse applications and phenomena, including EMS, HFWorks, MotorWizard, and EMWorks2D.
Receive Expert Guidance: unwavering support, comprehensive training, and expert guidance from our seasoned team of specialists, renowned for their profound knowledge and extensive experience in the realm of electromagnetics.

Discover the world of electromagnetics with ease, precision, and confidence. EMWorks is here to illuminate your path to mastery.


Emworks Academic

Elevate Your Electromagnetics Teaching and Research with EMWorks Academic, Professor

As a professor, EMWorks Academic offers you a wealth of opportunities to enhance your teaching, research, and collaboration in the field of electromagnetics. Here's how you can leverage our resources:

Teaching Excellence: Elevate your teaching by imparting fundamental knowledge and practical applications of electromagnetics across various domains, including electromechanical, power, RF, microwave, and high-frequency fields.
Engage Your Students: Inspire and challenge your students by creating captivating projects and assignments. Utilize our 3D and 2D simulation software, seamlessly integrated with your CAD tools, to facilitate hands-on learning experiences.
Streamlined Evaluation: Simplify the grading process by employing our software products, encompassing a wide range of applications and phenomena like EMS, HFWorks, MotorWizard, and EMWorks2D, to assess and evaluate your students' work effectively.
Cutting-Edge Research: Propel your research endeavors forward with our state-of-the-art simulation solutions. Conduct in-depth Multiphysics simulations, seamlessly coupling electromagnetic, thermal, structural, and motion phenomena, to support your research and publish groundbreaking papers.
Collaborative Network: Join a thriving community of professors, researchers, and industry experts who rely on EMWorks for their electromagnetic simulation and design projects. Collaborate, exchange insights, and expand your network within this vibrant community.

EMWorks Academic is your gateway to a world of academic excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Seize the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your academic pursuits with EMWorks.


Emworks Academic

EMWorks Academic: Empowering Your Department in Electromagnetics

We understand that excellence in education and research is at the core of your department's mission. That's why EMWorks Academic is here to provide your department with the tools and resources needed to excel in the field of electromagnetics. With EMWorks Academic, your department can benefit in numerous ways:

Elevate Curriculum: Enhance your department's curriculum by incorporating state-of-the-art electromagnetics simulation tools. Our software seamlessly integrates with CAD solutions, enabling students to gain hands-on experience in electromagnetics, including 3D and 2D simulations.
Research Advancements: Empower your researchers to push the boundaries of knowledge in electromagnetics. Our cutting-edge simulation solutions support Multiphysics simulations, coupling electromagnetic, thermal, structural, and motion phenomena. This opens doors to groundbreaking research and publications.
Faculty Empowerment: Provide your faculty with the resources they need to excel in teaching and research. EMWorks Academic equips professors with the tools to create engaging projects, assignments, and evaluations, ensuring a high standard of education.
Networking Opportunities: Join a global network of academic institutions that rely on EMWorks Academic for their electromagnetics education and research needs. Collaborate with fellow educators, researchers, and industry experts to expand your department's reach.
Industry-Relevant Skills: Prepare your students with skills that are directly applicable to the industry. By using EMWorks Academic, your graduates will enter the workforce with practical experience in electromagnetics simulation and design.

EMWorks Academic is committed to supporting your department's goals in delivering top-notch education and conducting groundbreaking research in the field of electromagnetics. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with your department and help you achieve even greater success.


Emworks Academic

Unlock New Horizons in Electromagnetic Research with EMWorks Academic

At EMWorks Academic, we recognize the pivotal role that research plays in advancing the field of electromagnetics. Our mission is to empower you, the researchers, with cutting-edge simulation tools and resources that can help you break new ground and make significant contributions to the world of electromagnetics. By choosing EMWorks Academic, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities and resources:

Advanced Simulation Tools: Our software solutions are at the forefront of electromagnetics simulation. Whether you're exploring electromagnetic, thermal, structural, or motion phenomena, our Multiphysics simulations provide the precision and flexibility you need for your research projects.
Collaborative Environment: Join a vibrant and dynamic community of researchers, educators, and industry experts who rely on EMWorks Academic. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and expand your network to enhance the impact of your research.
Global Reach: EMWorks Academic is used by academic institutions worldwide. This global presence opens doors to international collaborations, fostering cross-cultural perspectives and enriching your research endeavors.
Publication Ready: Conduct rigorous research and publish your findings with confidence. EMWorks Academic's state-of-the-art simulation solutions provide the data and insights you need to back your research with authority.
Interdisciplinary Research: Our software is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of electromagnetics-related research areas. Explore interdisciplinary projects with ease and broaden the scope of your work.
Continuous Learning: Stay at the forefront of electromagnetics research with access to regular updates, training, and support. Our commitment to your success means you're always equipped with the latest tools and knowledge.

As a researcher, your contributions are invaluable in advancing the understanding and applications of electromagnetics. EMWorks Academic is here to support you every step of the way, providing the tools and resources needed to turn your research aspirations into reality. We invite you to explore EMWorks Academic and join our community of researchers dedicated to making a difference in electromagnetics. Together, we can push the boundaries of knowledge and drive innovation in the field.

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Academic Examples

EMWorks Educational Examples Library features some of the characteristic electromagnetic simulation problems. Brief theoretical description of the problem is followed by a detailed set of instructions for model set-up in EMS or HFWorks.

Download the model files and use them to get started with the software or to build your own simulation.
Feel free to make these examples part of your course material.

Emworks Academic


What our academic customers are saying about us

Western Engineering

Christopher Obieke

Clark College

Thank you for allowing me to use your product, I have finished the specific product I was using it for so will not need an extension. EMWorks was very useful in the design and simulation of the design of my theoretical axial flux motor. The integration within the Solidworks framework makes it incredibly easy to use as well as allowed me to quickly iterate the design. I used EMWorks to evaluate different configurations of the halbach array on the rotor, as well as various different configuration

Trevor Glasheen

Mauricio de Nassau Faculty, Brazil

I cannot express my gratitude enough to the EMWorks team. They were truly incredible in their dealings with me and exceptionally attentive in addressing my queries and providing the necessary software.

Matheus Marques