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Enhance Actuator Systems with EMWorks Software

Empowering Linear and Rotational Actuator Innovations through Electromagnetic Design

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Understanding how coil thickness and input current influence heat generation and temperature distribution in DC linear actuators, is crucial for performance and lifespan optimization.

Understanding the workings of voice coil actuators and their critical performance metrics for precision motion applications, including force sensitivity and back EMF.

Learn how different voltages affect the force output and thermal efficiency of voice coil actuators in precision applications, based on EMWorks simulations.

Discover why voice coil actuators are the top choice for applications requiring precise positioning, offering high speed, acceleration, and compact design.

Asking how T-shaped electromagnetic actuators perform in terms of magnetic force, flux density, and motion analysis in real-world applications. This application note is for you.

Discover how the latest DC contactor design offers superior energy efficiency and quieter operation, compared to traditional models.

Examine the precision of DC actuators in mechanical motion conversion through FEM simulation, highlighting key insights for enhancing electromagnetic actuator efficiency.

Evaluate the important impact of ferrofluids on solenoid actuators. Learn how they boost efficiency, enhance performance, and reduce energy consumption in our latest insights.

Explore how electromagnetic simulation optimizes DC linear actuator design for efficiency and performance, covering 2D and 3D FEM solutions, and force computations.