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Elevate MEMS Innovation with EMWorks Software

Empowering MEMS Innovations through Electromagnetic Design

Multi-physics modeling of MicroElectro-Mechanical-Systems using EMS for SOLIDWORKS


Discover how micro-valveless pumps offer innovative solutions for drug delivery, potentially transforming the field with precise and efficient microfluidic systems.

Discover how electro-thermal simulations unveil insights into MEMS devices, focusing on V-beam actuators. Explore temperature distribution, displacement, and electric resistance for efficient MEMS design.

Discover the transformative potential of MMMS-based micro-actuators in elevating tactile experiences, exploring their innovative design and impact on haptic feedback.

Understand the effects of electrostatic actuation on MEMS microsensing membrane displacement through detailed EMS Simulation software analysis.

Probe into the efficiency of low-voltage micro-thermal actuators and their ability to generate significant deflections, revealing insights into their mechanical displacement and thermal distribution.

Discover how MEMS microgrippers perform in the precision handling and manipulation of micro-objects, offering innovative solutions for micromanipulation tasks.

Learn about effective strategies for optimizing electrostatic comb-drive actuators to increase travel distance and force, with insights from EMS simulations.