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Learn how EMWORKS - MotorWizard, powered by Autodesk Inventor, precisely simulates and optimizes the Toyota Prius motor. Essential reading for advanced motor design.

Discover how permanent magnets boost SRM efficiency, offering advancements in torque and reduced ripple in our comparative analysis.

How does eccentricity impact the performance of electric motors, and what solutions can optimize their reliability and efficiency?

Explore the benefits outer rotor PM generators bring to wind turbines, including enhanced power density and efficiency.

Discover how external rotor PMSM technology boosts electric vehicle efficiency, offering higher torque and reduced noise.

Discover how VDSE optimizes Asymmetric IPMSM, enhancing efficiency and reducing torque ripple.

Explore how PMSM optimization enhances More Electric Aircraft efficiency, balancing power density and weight for sustainable aviation solutions.

Discover how asymmetric IPMSM design boosts torque, reduces ripple, and cuts cogging torque for more efficient electric motors.

Explore advanced PM linear electric motor design for efficiency and performance. Ideal for EVs, robotics, and industrial applications.