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Revolutionizing Power Engineering with EMWorks

Empowering the Future of Transformers and High-Power Systems

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In the realm of modern power transmission networks and systems, high voltage and high-power devices and equipment play an indispensable role. These critical components encompass a wide range of infrastructure, including switchgears, transformers, bushings, busbars, high voltage insulators, cables, corona rings, and power chokes. The task of designing and engineering these components is not without its formidable challenges and physical constraints, including:

Insulator and Dielectric Breakdown

Challenge: These conditions can lead to corona discharge and sparking, posing a serious threat to the reliability and safety of power systems.
Solution: EMWorks can simulate high voltage conditions and prevent corona discharge and sparking, ensuring the reliability and safety of power systems.


Eddy Current and Core Losses

Challenge: Eddy currents induced in conductive materials and core losses in magnetic materials can result in excessive heat generation and structural deformations within power equipment.
Solution: EMWorks can predict and optimize these losses, ensuring the equipment operates efficiently and within safe temperature limits.


Skin and Proximity Effects

Challenge: Skin and proximity effects can lead to issues such as cross talk, signal distortion, and even the melting of conductors in high-frequency applications.
Solution: EMWorks can analyze and address these effects, optimizing the design of conductive elements for improved performance.


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Challenge: Electrostatic discharge events can harm sensitive electronic components and circuits, affecting the overall reliability of power systems.
Solution: EMWorks helps in designing effective electrostatic discharge protection mechanisms, safeguarding electronic components and circuits in power systems.


Longevity Expectations

Challenge: Power components, especially those within electrical grids like transformers, are expected to have a long operational life while maintaining performance.
Solution: EMWorks helps in achieving long-term performance predictions and optimization, ensuring the durability of critical assets.


Transient Phenomena

Challenge: Transient events, such as eddy currents induced by lightning strikes, can introduce unpredictable stresses and disturbances in power systems.
Solution: EMWorks helps in analyzing and mitigating the effects of transient events, such as lightning strikes, enhancing the resilience of power systems.
In the field of power engineering, the fundamental principles of electrical and magnetic fields, as described by Maxwell's equations, govern all aspects of power phenomena. Auxiliary quantities like dielectric breakdown, eddy currents, core losses, magnetic forces, electric forces, power losses, impedance, and inductance are all derived from these primary field quantities. Therefore, the precise computation of these fields serves as the key to addressing the challenges and limitations encountered by power engineers.
EMWorks, seamlessly integrated with CAD, boasts multi-physics capabilities that make it an indispensable and highly accurate electric and magnetic fields simulator. Here are some illustrative examples of power engineering applications that vividly demonstrate the precision and effectiveness of EMWorks:


  • Transformer Design and Optimization

    Engineers can leverage EMWorks to achieve efficient energy transfer, minimize losses, and optimize the design of transformers critical to power distribution and transmission.

  • Switchgear Analysis

    EMWorks helps ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical switching systems, critical for managing power flow in complex networks.

  • Insulator Performance Evaluation

    By simulating high voltage conditions, EMWorks assists in assessing the behavior and performance of insulators, crucial for insulating power lines and equipment.

  • Cable and Busbar Design

    Engineers can optimize the electrical conductivity and efficiency of cables and busbars, critical for transmitting electrical energy with minimal losses.

  • Corona Ring Modeling

    EMWorks aids in modeling and analyzing corona rings to prevent corona discharge, ensuring the longevity and reliability of power systems.

  • Eddy Current and Core Loss Analysis

    Accurate simulations enable engineers to manage heat dissipation and predict material performance, ensuring the safe operation of power equipment.

  • Electrostatic Discharge Protection

    EMWorks facilitates the design of effective electrostatic discharge protection mechanisms, safeguarding electronic components and circuits in power systems.

  • Transient Phenomena Simulation

    Engineers can use EMWorks to analyze and mitigate the effects of transient events, such as lightning strikes, enhancing the resilience of power systems.

  • High-Voltage Insulation Analysis

    EMWorks can help evaluate the performance and integrity of high-voltage insulation materials, ensuring they can withstand extreme electrical stress and environmental conditions.

  • Busbar and Substation Design

    Engineers can use EMWorks to optimize the design and configuration of busbars and substations, ensuring efficient power distribution and minimizing losses.

  • Magnetic Shielding Design

    EMWorks is useful for designing magnetic shields to protect sensitive equipment from external magnetic interference or to contain magnetic fields within specific areas.

  • Induction Heating Systems

    EMWorks can simulate the behavior of induction heating systems, helping engineers optimize coil design, frequency selection, and heating efficiency.

  • Power Electronics Cooling

    Engineers can simulate the thermal behavior of power electronic components and design effective cooling systems to prevent overheating.

  • Fault Analysis

    EMWorks can be applied to analyze and diagnose faults or disturbances in power systems, aiding in the identification and mitigation of issues.

  • Wireless Charging Systems

    For electric vehicles and electronic devices, EMWorks can assist in designing efficient wireless charging systems, optimizing coil positioning and alignment.

  • Power Quality Analysis

    EMWorks can help assess and improve power quality by modeling and analyzing issues like harmonic distortion, voltage sags, or surges.

  • Power Chokes

    EMWorks can help design and optimize power chokes, which are devices that reduce the alternating current component of a power supply. EMWorks can calculate the inductance, resistance, impedance, and losses of power chokes, as well as the magnetic flux density and eddy currents in the core and the winding.

  • Power Converters

    EMWorks can help analyze and optimize power converters, which are devices that convert one form of electrical energy to another. EMWorks can simulate electromagnetic interference, the parasitic RLC effects, the skin and proximity effects, the eddy current and core losses, and the thermal behavior of power converters.

  • Power Transformer Cooling Analysis

    EMWorks can simulate the cooling systems of power transformers, ensuring that they operate within safe temperature limits and optimizing cooling mechanisms for efficient heat dissipation.

  • Grounding System Design

    Engineers can use EMWorks to design effective grounding systems to protect personnel and equipment from electrical faults and lightning strikes while minimizing ground resistance.

  • Harmonic Analysis

    EMWorks can help power engineers analyze and mitigate harmonic distortion issues in power systems, ensuring the quality of electrical signals and preventing equipment damage.

  • Capacitor and Reactor Design

    Engineers can optimize the design of capacitors and reactors, including sizing and placement, to improve power factor correction and control reactive power flow.

  • Power System Protection Relay Testing

    EMWorks can assist in testing and validating power system protection relays, ensuring they respond accurately to faults and disturbances.

  • Overhead Transmission Line Design
    Engineers can simulate and optimize the design of overhead transmission lines to reduce transmission losses and enhance system reliability.

  • Substation Grounding Grid Analysis
    EMWorks helps evaluate the performance of substation grounding grids to ensure they meet safety standards and provide effective fault current dissipation.

  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Analysis

    EMWorks is useful for analyzing and mitigating electromagnetic interference issues in power systems, preventing signal degradation and equipment malfunctions.

  • Synchronous Generator Design

    Engineers can optimize the design of synchronous generators, considering factors like rotor dynamics, excitation systems, and stability analysis.

  • Electric Propulsion Systems

    EMWorks can simulate and analyze electric propulsion systems used in aerospace and maritime applications, improving efficiency and performance.

  • Power System Planning and Grid Expansion

    EMWorks assists in power system planning, allowing engineers to evaluate the impact of grid expansion and identify potential bottlenecks.

  • Renewable Energy Integration

    EMWorks can help in integrating renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels into existing power grids, optimizing grid stability and energy efficiency.

  • Load Flow Analysis

    Engineers can use EMWorks for load flow analysis to ensure the balanced distribution of power and voltage levels in complex power systems.

  • HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current) Transmission Systems

    EMWorks can assist in the design and analysis of HVDC transmission systems for long-distance power transmission with reduced losses.

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Design

    Engineers can optimize the design of EV charging stations and infrastructure to efficiently deliver power to electric vehicles.

  • Energy Storage System (ESS) Analysis

    EMWorks aids in the analysis and optimization of energy storage systems, including batteries and supercapacitors, for grid stabilization and peak shaving.


In the modern landscape of power engineering, characterized by high voltage and high-power devices as the lifeline of energy transmission, precision and reliability stand as paramount values. EMWorks, armed with its cutting-edge electromagnetic simulation capabilities, takes the lead in driving innovation within power systems. From transformers to the seamless integration of renewable energy sources, we confront the formidable challenges confronting power engineers, all while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and long-term performance. Our multi-physics simulator, seamlessly incorporated into CAD, serves as a versatile tool, granting engineers the ability to optimize power components, anticipate and mitigate losses, and fortify systems against transient events. EMWorks is your dedicated partner in crafting a sustainable and highly efficient future for power engineering, where accuracy and innovation harmonize seamlessly. Dive into our world of precision electromagnetic solutions today and redefine the boundaries of what's achievable in the realm of power.