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Electromagnetic Simulation for Conductors and Resistors

Optimizing Conductors and Resistors with EMWorks Electromagnetic Simulation

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Discover how to reduce losses in Litz wire for high-frequency applications using EMWorks. Dive into our guide for cutting-edge optimization techniques.

Asking how T-shaped electromagnetic actuators perform in terms of magnetic force, flux density, and motion analysis in real-world applications. This application note is for you.

Assess the precision in calculating resistance for thin film resistors using EMS, bridging high-tech design with unparalleled accuracy.

Learn how EMS simulations play a crucial role in optimizing MRI coil designs for achieving uniform magnetic fields, essential for precise imaging.

Uncover the role of electrothermal simulation in enhancing electric fuse safety, providing key insights into protection against overcurrent scenarios.

Understand the critical effects of high-frequency phenomena on shielded cable performance, including insights on overvoltage, overcurrent, and advanced simulations.

Explore numerical simulations of Helmholtz coils for precise electromagnetic field analysis. Discover EMWorks' solutions for accurate coil design and evaluation.

Learn how EMS leverages parasitic parameter extraction from PCBs to predict and mitigate EMI, enhancing circuit design and performance.

Discover EMWorks' electromagnetic simulation solutions for precise resistance calculation of a trimmed resistor. Enhance design accuracy and performance efficiently.