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Electromagnetic Simulation for High-Power Engineering

Pioneering High-Power Solutions with Electromagnetic Simulation Software

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Learn about the thermal behavior of XLPE power cables and how FEM simulations provide insights for optimizing cable designs. Discover the impact of conductor Joule losses and external thermal conditions.

Study how electromagnetic simulations can enhance the design and safety of low-voltage busbars, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Examine how Multiphysics simulation provides accurate assessments and improvements for the design and efficiency of three-phase busbar systems in electrical installations.

Study the crucial role of electrothermal analysis in optimizing busbar design for enhanced performance and safety in electrical systems.

Understand the critical effects of high-frequency phenomena on shielded cable performance, including insights on overvoltage, overcurrent, and advanced simulations.

Explore how electromagnetic simulation optimizes high-voltage submarine cables. Discover electric field distributions, materials, and marine ecosystem impact.

Learn about the significance of bushings in power lines, their contributions to system efficiency and safety, and their role in electrical insulation.