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Optimizing Transformers with EMWorks Electromagnetic Simulation

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Explore how magnetic shunts influence electromagnetic and structural behaviors in high-power transformers, reducing eddy currents and mechanical stress.

Learn to effectively simulate open and short circuit tests for transformers, crucial for assessing efficiency and performance in electrical systems.

Learn how to conduct a comprehensive electro-thermal simulation of transformers, covering magnetic fields, losses, and temperature distribution for optimal design.

Review the significance of EMWorks simulations in optimizing AC transformer performance and efficiency. Learn about CAD modeling, material properties, meshing, and results analysis.

Explore the virtual prototyping process of a 3-phase cylindrical transformer to enhance electrical distribution efficiency through CAD modeling, open circuit simulations, and thermal analysis.

Discover advanced techniques and insights for electro-thermal modeling of 3-phase transformers. Learn how to optimize performance and minimize losses using electromagnetic simulation.