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Journey of Success: EMWorks Inc. & Team Zeus

If you go to the University of Calgary you don’t suffer from a lack of choice when it comes to Students Union clubs. There are options for everything from swing dancing to politics to Bronies. But the most interesting club in our view is one called Team Zeus. It’s only three years old but these undergrads are building an electric racing motorcycle. “For me I’ve always been really fascinated with electric vehicles. I like the idea of being involved with a new up and coming industry…

Trisha Ghaffy | 19/08/2014

EMWorks: Powerful Simulation Tools for Research and Education

Today more than 500 universities around the world are working with EMWorks Inc. tools. EMS & HFWorks have been great tools for students, researchers and teachers all over the world. EMWorks Inc cares about today’s students by assisting and supporting them in their learning journey. Today’s students are tomorrow’s engineers who will definitely make the world a better place. EMS & HFWorks software are present in the top best ranked American universities.

Trisha Ghaffy | 22/07/2014

Modeling differential pairs in HFWorks/SolidWorks

High speed signal transmission lines and devices make use of differential pairs to reduce the effect of electromagnetic interference and crosstalk. Hence, it is vital to properly model differential pairs to achieve a higher signal integrity in these devices. HFWorks uses the popular finite element method right inside SolidWorks, the #1 CAD package, to simulate a wide range of high frequency circuits, devices and interconnects.

BayAnn Jlidy | 27/01/2014