Design and Analysis of Halbach Array PM Motor

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Design and Analysis of Halbach Array PM Motor

With the electrification of the automobile continuing at an accelerated pace, different types of permanent magnet (PM) motors have been deployed owing to their performance, reliability, and manufacturing cost. A Halbach array PM motor consists of a magnets arrangement, that creates a strong field on one side and a virtually zero field on the other, sometimes referred to as a ‘one-sided flux motor’. It offers measurable benefits such as high power density, high efficiency, and a very strong magnetic field compared to other arrays having the same amount of magnet. Therefore, they have been increasingly applied to different sectors, such as industrial, aerospace, domestic, and healthcare. The main drawback of the Halbach array motors is that it is difficult to prototype as all the magnetized PMs repel each other. Combating these magnetic forces during assembly and ensuring the overall arrangement to hold together is very important. Hence, using the EMWorks simulation software, users can depict the intensity of these forces, which will help to optimize the design prior to the final rotor fabrication.

In this webinar, the EMWorks2D software will be used to design the Halbach array PM motor. We will discuss its various performance parameters such as its electromagnetic torque, back-EMF, cogging torque, magnetic force density, coil flux linkage, flux distribution plot, etc. under both no-load and full-load operating conditions.


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