Performance Analysis of Synchronous and Eddy-Current Torque Couplers

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Performance Analysis of Synchronous and Eddy-Current Torque Couplers

Permanent Magnet couplings (or couplers) are devices used for torque from a primary driver to a secondary follower without any mechanical contact. They are used in various industrial applications thanks to their numerous advantages compared to mechanical couplings such as absence of physical contact, intrinsic protection against overloads, soft starting, and misalignment tolerance, which provide an improved protection for mechanical systems.
Typically, there are two main types of magnetic torque couplers: synchronous and asynchronous (eddy current), both with radial or axial flux topologies according to the flux directions(face-to-face and Co-axial).

In this live webinar session, EMS and EMWorks2D tools from EMWorks will be used to investigate and analyze the performance of both synchronous and eddy current PM torque couplers.
We shall address various analysis aspects related to these devices including: Motion, magnetic fields, eddy current losses, torques and forces, thermal, etc.


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