Simulation of induction hardening using SOLIDWORKS

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Simulation of induction hardening using SOLIDWORKS

Induction hardening is a heat treatment process that is widely used for surface hardening of components. It is based on the principles of induction heating, whereby a conductive material is rapidly heated and quenched to increase the surface durability and residual stresses of the component.

Induction is the best solution for the hardening process, which produces intense, localized, and controllable heat. Optimizing the process parameters such as heating cycles, frequencies, and coil design results in the best possible outcomes.

In this webinar, you will learn how EMS for SOLIDWORKS will give you an insight into the simulation and optimization of induction heating design by helping you to:

  • Select the appropriate Coil design for hardening processing

  • Study your heating process (temperature distribution) with varying many factors such as frequency, skin depth, and material

  • Compute and visualize the electro-magnetic losses

  • Estimate the generated thermal stresses