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At EMWorks, our mission is to fuel your innovation and accelerate your product development. Our consulting and design services are crafted to help you fully leverage electromagnetic simulation, saving you valuable time and resources while gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Why EMWorks Consulting Services?

Discover the benefits of partnering with EMWorks consulting services. Unlock creativity, optimize your designs, and experience unmatched efficiency with our team of experienced engineers and state-of-the-art simulation solutions.

Unleash Creative Possibilities

At EMWorks, we believe innovation has no limits. Our consulting services open the door to unleashing creativity and venturing into uncharted territories in design. Whether you're initiating a project from scratch or revitalizing existing designs, our team offers a fresh perspective that inspires groundbreaking solutions. We thrive on challenges and pride ourselves on finding ingenious ways to push the boundaries of what's achievable.

Experienced Problem Solvers

With a team of seasoned engineers by your side, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and problem-solving expertise. Our engineers have successfully tackled complex design challenges across diverse industries, ensuring your projects benefit from innovative solutions and technical prowess.

Optimize Your Designs

Efficiency and performance are the pillars of successful product development. Our experts utilize cutting-edge simulation products to meticulously assess, refine, and optimize your designs. This process isn't just about meeting performance expectations; it's about surpassing them. By identifying potential bottlenecks and fine-tuning every facet of your design, we guarantee your products are primed for excellence.

Seamless Integration

We understand the importance of seamlessly integrating our solutions into your existing workflow. Whether you use CAD software or other tools, our services are designed to complement your processes, enhancing efficiency without disruption. We adapt to your environment, ensuring a smooth transition that maximizes the benefits of our consulting services.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

In the realm of design, informed decisions are paramount. Our services are rooted in data-driven insights. Leveraging the power of simulation, we provide you with precise, real-world data that guides your decision-making process. This empowers you to make confident choices at every project stage.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Time is money, and we value both. Our consulting services are structured to save you precious time and resources, enabling faster product launches. By identifying potential issues early in the design phase and streamlining processes, we help you avoid costly setbacks and delays.

Tailored Solutions

No two projects are the same, and we recognize the uniqueness of your challenges. Our consulting services are highly adaptable and customized to your specific needs. Whether you require comprehensive support or assistance with a particular project aspect, our services flexibly align with your requirements.

Proven Track Record

EMWorks boasts a proven track record of delivering outstanding results across diverse industries. Our history of successful projects and satisfied customers speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Global Reach

With a global presence, EMWorks is well-equipped to serve clients worldwide. Regardless of your location, our consulting services are accessible, ensuring innovation knows no geographical boundaries.

How EMWorks Can Assist You?

At EMWorks, our consulting and design services encompass a diverse array of capabilities and expertise, allowing us to address engineering challenges across various domains, including but not limited to:

Advanced NDT Simulation Expertise

Our proficiency in non-destructive testing (NDT) simulations covers eddy current and magnetic flux leakage analysis, ensuring the integrity and safety of critical components through virtual testing and assessment.

Aerospace and Defense

We provide tailored solutions for aerospace and defense applications, including radar systems, antenna design, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis.

Automotive Electromagnetics

In the evolving automotive industry, we offer services ranging from electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to wireless charging, motor design for electric vehicles (EVs), and NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) analysis.

Consumer Electronics

We offer services for consumer electronics design, ensuring device performance and reliability, covering devices like smartphones and wearables.

Electromagnetic Shielding

We specialize in electromagnetic shielding design, crucial for applications in electronics, aerospace, and telecommunications to mitigate interference and protect sensitive equipment.

Electromechanical Excellence

From electric motors and generators to actuators and solenoids, our team excels at handling the intricacies of electromechanical systems, ensuring top-notch performance.

High-Frequency Finesse

Our proficiency in high-frequency electronics covers areas like high-speed interconnects, signal integrity, and RF circuit design, helping you achieve precision and excellence.

Material Science

Our services support material science research by modeling electromagnetic properties and interactions in advanced materials, contributing to material development and innovation.

Medical Devices

For medical equipment and devices, our consulting services encompass electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, simulation, and optimization.

Power Optimization

We provide support for power-related projects, such as cables, transformers, bushings, and electrical distribution systems, offering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and reliability.

RF & Microwave Mastery

With expertise in antennas, waveguides, resonators, and microwave devices, we specialize in optimizing performance within the RF and microwave technology sphere.

Renewable Energy

Our capabilities extend to renewable energy applications, including wind turbine generators and solar energy systems.


Within the telecommunications sector, we assist in optimizing antenna systems and ensuring the performance of communication devices.

Custom Applications

Even for projects outside conventional categories, if they involve electromagnetics, our adaptable and innovative team is ready to explore custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Expert Witness Services: Your Trusted Partner in Electromagnetic-Related Legal Matters

EMWorks offers expert witness services for electromagnetic-related legal disputes, including patent and copyright issues. Our team of seasoned engineers provides authoritative testimony and technical analysis to support your case in electromagnetics disputes, product liability claims, and patent litigation. We bridge technical complexities with legal requirements, ensuring precise and ethically sound advice. Trust EMWorks for reliable support in resolving electromagnetic legal matters.