Expert Support for EMWorks Users

Two-Tiered Support System for Enhanced Efficiency

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Welcome to EMWorks Support, where we're dedicated to offering swift and effective solutions.

Our support structure is divided into two key programs:

Basic Support

EMWorks offers a Basic Support program with every active annual subscription, providing comprehensive help across software use, license management, and issue resolution.
Clients enjoy access to the latest updates and efficient support through web meetings, calls, and emails, ensuring minimal downtime.

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Value Added Support

EMWorks' Value-Added Support offers customized training, advanced troubleshooting, and direct expert access for users seeking to maximize their software's potential.
Tailored to enhance proficiency and efficiency, it's ideal for those needing deep, personalized assistance.

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Additional Resources


Find quick answers to common questions about installation, troubleshooting, and software features. This section helps you resolve issues swiftly.

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Enhance your design expertise by joining our electromagnetic webinars, led by industry experts at EMWorks. Our interactive sessions are specifically crafted to empower your skills, offering in-depth insights and hands-on experiences in electromagnetic design. Engage with our professionals and elevate your knowledge to new heights with EMWorks' enriching webinars.

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Discover the Latest in Software Innovation: Dive into our blog for a wealth of insights and updates. Our posts cover a range of topics, from in-depth analyses of our software solutions to industry trends, tips, and best practices. Stay informed and inspired with our regularly updated content, crafted to enhance your understanding and application of our cutting-edge technology.

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Youtube Channel

Join our vibrant community on the EMWorks YouTube Channel! We invite you to subscribe and become part of a growing network of enthusiasts and professionals. Our channel offers a rich repository of content, including detailed tutorials, insightful product reviews, and the latest updates in electromagnetic design technology. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just starting out, our YouTube channel is a valuable resource for learning, inspiration, and staying ahead in the field. Subscribe now to tap into a world of expertise and elevate your design skills with EMWorks!

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Application notes

Discover the wealth of knowledge in our Application Notes! We encourage you to delve into these comprehensive guides that offer detailed insights into the practical applications of our software. Each note is a treasure trove of information, from step-by-step tutorials to advanced techniques, ensuring you make the most of EMWorks' capabilities. Whether you're tackling complex design challenges or looking to enhance your skills, our Application Notes are an invaluable resource. Explore them today and elevate your understanding of electromagnetic design to new heights with EMWorks.

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Looking for in-depth information, research, and expert insights? Dive into our whitepapers section, where you'll find a wealth of valuable resources on your industry. Whether you're a professional seeking the latest trends or a curious learner hungry for knowledge, our whitepapers provide a deep dive into the world of electromagnetics. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay informed and stay ahead.

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