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  • I am currently pursuing my PhD at Leibniz University Hannover, and I am grateful for the generous sponsorship from EMWorks, providing me with a student license. Using EMS has enabled me to accelerate my understanding of the electromagnetic aspects of electrical machines. The fact that EMS is compatible with SolidWorks is remarkable, especially considering its feature versatility. EMS also proves to be user-friendly, as it contains well illustrated examples with sample models which are ready to be analysed. I highly recommend EMS for teams working on any kind of electromagnetic designs.

  • I cannot express my gratitude enough to the EMWorks team. They were truly incredible in their dealings with me and exceptionally attentive in addressing my queries and providing the necessary software. Without their support, I wouldn't have been able to develop my thesis with such precision and efficiency. Completing the course was made easier by the software's seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS and its highly intuitive interface. This was particularly helpful as, when I started, I had no prior experience with electromagnetic calculation software. I am immensely thankful for all the assistance from the EMWorks team and your outstanding software. Thank you very much!

  • Giorgio Giovanni Battista Zaffaroni
    Giorgio Giovanni Battista Zaffaroni
    Hydro Extruded Solutions

    I am a Research Scientist for an International manufacturing corporation, world leader in the Aluminium tubes manufacturing. Using EMS we were able to do electromagnetic and thermal  analysis of novel induction heating tool prototypes, employed in the manufacturing of high frequency  welded tubes. The simulations were able to closely resemble induction heating phenomena observed  during production and allowed us to forecast benefits and limitations of alternative prototype designs  that we were planning to implement in our lines. 

    The EMWorks engineers were not only very collaborative and available, but have offered great  consulting support, building the models and running all required simulation scenarios, as well as  preparing final reports, delivering a summary of the work results and the fine-tuned 3D models. I appreciate all the help and support from EMWorks, and I will recommend EMS to colleagues of my  team specialized in FEA, as this would be a precious tool to have in-house.

  • Truls Nilsson
    Truls Nilsson
    Lund University, Sweden

    During the "Elektronikprojekt" project course for electrical engineers at Lund University, our project centered around the development of a prototype for an axial flux BLDC motor. The goal of the project was to explore the feasibility of creating a new hub motor for the Formula Student team at our institution. In our pursuit of understanding the intricate magnetic fields emanating from the rotor and stator, we turned to the EMWorks software integrated within SOLIDWORKS. EMS proved to be an exceptionally user-friendly software solution, setting itself apart from more traditional options. The efficiency it offered was a pivotal asset, as it allowed us to seamlessly iterate on design revisions within SOLIDWORKS and subsequently perform simulations within the same environment. This streamlined approach significantly enhanced our workflow and enabled us to make meaningful progress efficiently. Though regrettably, time constraints prevented us from fully exploring the software's complete potential, we are nonetheless content with the results we achieved. The insights gained from utilizing EMWorks were invaluable to our project's success, and we accrued a wealth of knowledge throughout the process. EMWorks played a pivotal role in facilitating our research and development efforts, and we extend our gratitude to the team for providing us with a tool that greatly contributed to our project's accomplishments. We look forward to the opportunity to explore its capabilities further in future endeavors.

    EMS-Lind University


  • The team spent the first semester of the project designing and conducting component-level testing. EMS was used the most in the first semester to support electromagnet configurations and visualizations for our faculty and advisors. We successfully displayed the representative SOLIDWORKS EMS model in real life through testing at a reduced scale with low power input. In the Spring semester, we finalized our design with an updated EMS model and developed a dynamic electromagnetic active damping system that responds to displacement data and increases/decreases force with current supply. The team greatly benefited from using the EMS software and would highly recommend its use to anyone working with electromagnets.

    Team 3, a mechanical engineering senior design team at Virginia Tech, used EMWorks’s software, EMS, to simulate magnetic force and visualize the magnetic field in an active electromagnetic damping system for vibration testing. EMS helped us design our Lorentz force electromagnet to determine the strength of the system. We augmented our power input and placed our permanent magnets to optimize force output. EMS was easy to update through our many iterations of SOLIDWORKS models. We produced nearly a dozen different CAD configurations and tested several of them, leveraging theoretical EMS models and practical setups with 3D printed parts.