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Explore the analysis of a double-sided flat PM linear synchronous motor using simulation software. Gain insights into motor behavior and optimization.

Explore static and on-load analysis of a switched reluctance motor using simulation software. Gain insights into motor performance and optimization.

Explore the performance evaluation of a synchronous generator under diverse loads using simulation software. Gain insights into generator behavior and optimization.

Understand the performance of outer-runner radial flux BLDC motors in direct drive applications, including wind turbines and electric vehicles.

Explore the efficiency, torque density, and simulation results of 24-slot/8-pole spoke-type motors under various load conditions. Gain insights into material selection, magnet coercivity, winding configuration, and more.

Investigate the performance of permanent magnet axial flux generators under load and no-load conditions. Learn about back EMF, short circuit responses, and electromagnetic losses.

Gain valuable insights into the design and behavior of the 2004 Prius electric motor through detailed analysis and simulations. Explore its specifications, torque generation, and magnetic field distribution.

Learn how magnet segmentation influences cogging torque in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSMs) through insightful analysis and simulations.

Gain insights into the analysis of a 6/4 switched reluctance motor (SRM) using EMS in Autodesk Inventor, focusing on electromagnetic torque variations and rotor alignment