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Revolutionize Your RF and Microwave Projects with HFWorks


The Only SOLIDWORKS Plugin High Frequency and Antenna Software

Explore HFWorks, an advanced antenna and electromagnetic simulation software tailored for RF, Microwave, mm-wave, and high-speed digital circuits.

As the only SOLIDWORKS Plugin high-frequency electromagnetic and antenna software, HFWorks stands out by integrating directly into the SOLIDWORKS interface, providing engineers with a unified platform for both mechanical and electromagnetic design.

Our versatile software suite is meticulously designed to address a wide spectrum of electromagnetic challenges, including electromagnetic radiation, propagation, resonance, interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and signal integrity (SI) concerns.

HFWorks caters to diverse systems, ranging from antennas and RF components to signal and power integrity, PCB design, connectors, cables, and filters.

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Utilizing cutting-edge finite element solvers and advanced meshing technology, HFWorks excels in accurately computing electromagnetic fields, S-parameters, antenna parameters, and other critical circuit parameters.

This seamless integration ensures a smoother design workflow, enabling rapid prototyping and optimization of high-frequency components and systems directly within the SOLIDWORKS environment.

HFWorks Key Features and Benefits


Versatile High-Frequency Solution

HFWorks serves as a comprehensive tool for a myriad of applications, including antennas, RF and Microwave components, signal integrity, power integrity, PCB design, connectors, cables, and filters, catering not only to RF frequencies but also extending its capabilities beyond.


Seamless Solidworks Integration

HFWorks seamlessly integrates with Solidworks, offering engineers and designers an efficient platform for the analysis of complex electrical and electronic devices.


Power Handling Assessment

HFWorks offers comprehensive power handling analysis, addressing both dielectric breakdown and thermal considerations. Safety factor maps indicate potential breakdown areas based on excitation power and stored energy, while the integrated thermal solver assists in understanding thermal behavior concerning applied power.


User-Friendly Interface

With an intuitive graphical user interface, HFWorks ensures ease of use. Additionally, its demo viewer feature provides access to extensive training materials, enabling rapid proficiency and adoption.


Time Domain Analysis

The Time Domain Analysis tool in HFWorks aids in the identification of discontinuities in connectors, adapters, cable transitions, and high-speed interconnects, making it indispensable for RF connector and cable manufacturers.


Integrated Electro-Thermal Analysis

This unique capability enables designers to concurrently study the electrical and thermal behavior of high-frequency designs within a single model. Beyond electrical and electronic parameters, HFWorks calculates temperature, temperature gradients, and heat flux, accounting for conductor and dielectric losses.


Mini Atlass: Mini Atlass serves as a valuable analysis and synthesis program, calculating electrical and physical parameters of various transmission lines. It seamlessly interfaces with SolidWorks to create the necessary structures for simulations.

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ECAD Importer: The ECAD Importer serves as a bridge, facilitating connectivity between HFWorks and other electronic design software like KeySight ADS and Cadence Allegro, streamlining your workflow and enhancing compatibility.

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HFWorks Capabilities

HFWorks is your ultimate solution for all your antenna and electromagnetic simulation needs. It is comprehensive, versatile, and user-friendly software that can help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

With its comprehensive array of tools and outputs, HFWorks is a versatile and indispensable solution for electromagnetic simulation and analysis across diverse industries and applications.
Output includes:

Electromagnetic Field Distribution
HFWorks offers insightful visual representations of electromagnetic field distributions within and around simulated structures. These include electric field strength, magnetic field strength, and vector plots to provide a clear understanding of field behavior.
HFWorks performs precise calculations and provides comprehensive S-parameter data, encompassing S11, S21, S12, and S22. These parameters are indispensable for in-depth characterization of RF and microwave components.
Resonance Frequencies
HFWorks identifies resonance frequencies and quality factors for resonant structures, playing a pivotal role in the design of antennas, filters, and other resonance-dependent components.
Radiation Patterns
The software generates radiation patterns, gain, directivity, and various antenna performance parameters for antennas and radiating structures, aiding in their optimization.
Impedance Matching
HFWorks assists in optimizing impedance matching, ensuring efficient power transfer for antennas, transmission lines, and other vital components.
Waveguide Analysis
HFWorks facilitates in-depth analysis of waveguide components, including mode profiles, dispersion characteristics, and propagation constants.
3D Electromagnetic Models
HFWorks provides intricate 3D models and visualizations of electromagnetic phenomena, empowering users to explore complex structures with precision.
Circuit Extraction
The software extracts equivalent circuit models from electromagnetic simulations, streamlining circuit-level analysis and integration with other design tools.
Antenna Efficiency
HFWorks calculates antenna efficiency, a critical metric for evaluating the overall performance of antenna systems.
Loss Analysis
HFWorks quantifies losses in various system components, aiding in design optimization to minimize energy loss.
Port Characteristics
HFWorks furnishes crucial insights into port characteristics and their impact on signal propagation and matching.
Far-Field Patterns
The software generates far-field radiation patterns, enabling accurate predictions of antenna performance in real-world environments.
Reports and Graphs
HFWorks produces detailed reports and graphical plots summarizing simulation results, enhancing the ability to analyze and communicate findings effectively.

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Customer Testimonials


I found the onsite training very helpful in getting me started and the people at EMWorks were knowledgeable and friendly. Any time I’ve had a question; the support staff has gotten back to me quickly and helped to resolve any problems. The software is easy to navigate as it is well integrated into SolidWorks and has a good help file

Aaron Rhodes - Mechanical Engineer


At SCP Science, we produce industrial microwave heating systems. We have been using HFWorks since 2012 to design antennas for microwave heating, RF traps, couplers for our reflectometers, and coaxial-waveguide transitions. Most of these designs were fabricated and the measurement results closely match the simulation results obtained from HFWorks. Being fully embedded inside SolidWorks, HFWorks has given us a distinct advantage. We did not need to export the assemblies to create drawings needed

Ali Bostani, Ph.D. Microwave Specialist

CMC Electronics Inc.

For our company, the SolidWorks files are the primary source of design information and I needed a high-frequency analysis tool that can seamlessly work with the mechanical software without having to generate another set of files for simulation totally disconnected from the official design information. HFWorks provides a true integration with the mechanical design without compromising on the available features. I used HFWorks to find unwanted resonances in our hybrid packages but also to find co

Robert Larose - Senior Electro-optic Designer

Antaya Science & Technology

Antaya Science & Technology, while doing challenging RF modeling for next-generation cyclotron resonators, has relied heavily upon HFWorks and EMWorks for accurate and reliable results. Their software's extensive capabilities, as well as a seamless integration with Solidworks, have proven invaluable in performing numerous complex simulations. The ability to parameterize studies, as well as to quickly and easily communicate results using the built-in template, has made EMW a powerful tool in our

Chris Jones - Project Electrical Engineer & Matt Bedard - Mechanical Engineer

Dartmouth College

I used EMWorks for an undergraduate biomedical engineering project. I am thankful that EMWorks is very well integrated with SolidWorks, which makes constructing 3D geometries straight-forward. The step-by-step tutorial of EMWorks also helped me in learning the software. Many other multiphysics software applications don't have easy-to-use tutorials. Overall, EMWorks has been helpful software for my project.

Rui Zhang - undergraduate engineering student

University of Massachusetts Lowell

My First impression of HFWorks right out of the gate was, “ Brilliant”. Having HFWorks integrated directly into SolidWorks saves me so much time when it comes to building and testing coaxial RF connectors. I was very impressed with one click I was able to obtain TDR results of my RF model which really gives me everything I am looking for, especially when other software like HFSS makes it such a pain to get similar results.

John Lomba, a student