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Learn about the electromagnetic simulation of linear switched reluctance motors. Analyze magnetic flux density, inductance, and force profiles for precision in linear motion applications.

Wondering how axial flux permanent magnet couplings enhance efficiency, reduce maintenance, and ensure silent operation in Contactless Power Transmission? Learn more about their unique benefits.

Asking how can 2D FEM simulation effectively aid in the design and optimization of BLDC motors for early-stage development? This application note answers your question.

Explore the intricacies of Switched Reluctance Motors (SRMs) with MotorWizard simulation. Analyze magnetic flux density & torque for optimized SRM design.

Probe into the efficiency and benefits of Axial Flux Generators for renewable energy. Understand their role in advancing clean energy solutions.

Explore insights into the performance of in-wheel Switched Reluctance Motors through advanced simulations. Understand their efficiency and reliability for electric vehicle applications.

Dive into the world of magnetic coupling machines, exploring their efficient design, functionality, and versatile applications across various engineering systems.

Probe into the process of virtual prototyping for stepper motors, delving into their operational intricacies and design features. Gain insights into their precise positioning capabilities, torque generation, and electromagnetic interactions.

Probe into the advanced electro-thermal modeling of BLDC motors to understand how it drives performance improvements and efficiency gains.